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Advantages at a glance

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Perfectly organized

This is because planning with Locaboo works much faster than with conventional methods.

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Work faster and more effectively

Locaboo offers you a variety of settings and automatisms to make your daily work easier and faster.

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Perfect Capacity Utilisation

You make optimum use of your sports, educational or leisure facilities and increase your income because Locaboo has everything in view.

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Easier marketing and distribution

Transparency is an important factor in today’s digital world. Take your customers on board: This saves work and strengthens customer loyalty.

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City, municipality and administration

Manage boardrooms, sports facilities and all types of resources with a single tool. Associated businesses can work directly with you in Locaboo. With the flexible billing tool, all occupancy can be automatically invoiced.

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Churches and social affairs

With this simple and cost-effective room management solution, you can keep track of all the rooms in your social facilities, at any location and at any time.

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You always have conference rooms, meeting rooms, vehicles or other resources in view. With the practical app, your employees can book quickly and easily.

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Sports clubs

Managing sports surfaces made easy: Inform your members via the Locaboo app or website widget which assignments are registered. Seasonal planning makes it easier for you to switch between winter, summer or holiday periods.

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Hosted in Germany

Cloud software from Germany

Locaboo is a cloud software. You can access Locaboo directly online with all modern browsers. Therefore is no local installation necessary.

Your data is securely stored on a server in Germany and is protected against unauthorized access by third parties. You also don’t have to worry about data backup.

  • Hosting from the location Germany
  • Data backup & data security guaranteed
  • No local installation necessary

Mario Köglsperger, Sales Manager

Do you have any questions?

We are happy to answer you all your questions about Locaboo. Just give us a call or send us an email.

Individual solutions for your rooms & resources

Individual adjustments desired? No problem! Our developers extend the standard scope of Locaboo and you get individual functions especially for your workflows.

  • Interface development: Connection of your existing software.
  • Function development: Extension of the standard scope of Locaboo especially for your customer account.
  • Idea for a further development? Just contact us!


Our partner Profihost AG takes care of the security and has it regularly checked and certified.

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Fields of application

Examples for the use of the occupancy plan software Locaboo

Locaboo runs web-based, you have access to your assignments from any device. The Occupancy Plan Software Locaboo is made to manage all kinds of rental properties, and is therefore an ideal rental software. For example, you can use Locaboo for room management/room reservation, gym management or as an occupancy calendar.

Locaboo also offers a sophisticated online reservation system or online booking system. Your customers can make reservation requests that can be confirmed, processed and booked by you. Of course a direct online booking can also be realized.

With the flexible conflict manager, which is integrated in the online schedule planner, you can quickly identify and eliminate overlaps. Seasonal planning with individual sample templates for e.g. summer, winter, holidays or public holidays, simplifies you’re scheduling. Publish your allocations on your website (website widget), in the Locaboo App or via iCal subscription.

Are you looking for a Prosoz ProSPORT alternative? We would be happy to help you with the migration.

Locaboo is not only a room allocation planner or room booking system, but for many requirements your suitable online tool (including sports facility management).